Layered blind contour

by Ysolla, June 21st 2021 © 2021 Ysolla

I'm continuing to experiment with exploring gesture and expression, and in an effort to loosen up my drawing I have been enjoying blind contour as a process.

Today I tried layering some drawings together and I am very happy with this direction.

Looking for some honest feedback and critiques.

Polyvios Animations

Very good job on blind contour figure drawings, ysolla. That's some very great job on your organic drawing and flow of those blind contours.

So, my honest critique is that though you're on the right track out your observations of the life drawings, they're just not the loosest and quickest enough so far in the memory drawings, are they? Would you please work the fastest with 30 minutes of 60 second (1 minute) blind contour gestures, with crayon on newsprint???? (all flipped vertically)

The reason why you could and should do this criticism is because, to help you get a lot of liveliest observational sketches, in order to better focus on your imagined poses. Good luck to you and your current exercises.

Polyvios Animations


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