Hands studies

by Rosenhips, November 15th 2018 © 2018 Rosenhips

Hello all,

I'm trying to get better at drawing hands, so I have started doing some hand sketches. As usual, any feedback/ tips would be appreciated.



Hey Rosenhips,

hands are no easy feat, for sure. So i think its great, that you practiced drawing them. I am most likely a lot worse at drawing hands, but maybe what i see, can help you improve.

Generally the proportions seem good and i see, that you already have solid drawing skills, the linwork looks nice and relaxed. I like the second row from above the most, the hands look very dynamic and believable. The next row in contrast, seems a bit rigid in comparison and especially the 2 hands that are depicted from above, seem unnatural. That might be, because the knuckles are placed in a straight line and because the thumb connects at a strange angle. Also the pinkie is shorter, but it also "starts" a lot lower. I would recommend, to take a another look at the anatomy of hands, or even your own hand.

Other than that, good job at drawing and keep practicing, i think you are going in the right direction :)


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