Tiny Dancer 2

by Tx Williep, July 29th 2021 © 2021 Tx Williep

This is a sketch I did for a new watercolor It is from the new dancer photos. These were done in permanent ink. If you make a mistake, then to bac. Keep going. The right arm is not correct.

Aunt Herbert

Avoid using both sides of a page, even for a sketch. It will bite you in the behind one day, when you really got a sketch, that is way ahead of your usual skill, but it is diminished by bleeding through from the back. Really, paper just ain't that expensive!

Tx Williep

Thank you again for critiquing my work. I use a Strarhmore sketchbook. It has 100 pages, 60 lb. pages, 9 in x 12 in. I use an ink pen because I like the quality it gives me in the drawing. I have 30 volumes and have started Vol. 31. I get an average of 175 drawings per volume. I do use both sides of the pages. I understand what you are saying, but, I am retired and not anywhere near rich. So I try to get the most out of what I have. The completed volumes provide a reference library I can refer to get what I can use. If I do a drawing in life drawing session that I really like and be back page is blank, I will leave it blank. The drawings for a watercolor painting are done on 140 lb or greater weight paper with a pencil.

Penny Farthing

Great clarity- the line of action and facial details are easy to read and stylistically expressive. Looks like theres some trouble with proportions, especially in the limbs and neck. Make sure you're thinking about how things overlap, this was a great practice for forshortening so be sure you're thinking about where parts are in relation to each other.

Tx Williep

Thank you for critiquing my drawing. I drew it, like most of my drawings, using a pen and permanent ink. If you make a mistake, oh well, too bad, so sad, move on. You can not change it. If you try erasing it, you will most probably put a hole in the paper. The figure's right arm is messed up. I do think about the relationship between the various parts of the body. I am not sure what you mean about how things overlap. The only thing that I see that overlaps is the left leg and the right. I am sorry see any problem.

Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your figural relationships, txWilliep, and I love how much of the lines and silhouette you're going with.

My biggest issue is that some of the arms' proportions and angles are the teensiest bit too wonkier for me to take in. Right arm too longest, but the left arm is too shortest. Would you please loosen up your proportions and angles (relationships) with 30 minutes of 28 second quickest proportional figure drawings? (1800/28=64 quickest figure sketches) (thru this link here:

The reason why you could and should do this is because, your relationships (proportions and angles) and their natural gestures will become the least undertured and the most caricatured, exaggerated and satirized. Tip 1: To learn a new move, exaggerate it. Tip 2: Steal without apology. Tip 3: Take a nap. For more details on talent, check out another link, please.

Good luck to you and your current goals.

Tx Williep

Thank you for critiquing my drawing. I agree with you the right arm is messed up (with permanent ink I could not change it). I read the articles you suggested. They confirmed my position that: Practice makes better. In public school, I took one 1 semester art class in the 8th grade. I drew on my own. I started out in pre-engineering but changed my major to Art Education. I graduated with a BS in all-level art. In the military service I drew (I have a notebook of my sketches & drawings from life drawing sessions at the Ashmolean Musem in Oxford & other places around England). I attended life drawing sessions in Austin, TX. I moved to Corpus Christi and have attended various drawing activities. I have 70 portraits, 5000+ life drawings. Yes, practice does make better.

The movie was interesting. Most of the information I know. I do not measure the body from head to toe. I may check the measure of the head to chest and, not foreshorten, the legs to make sure they are equal (2 heads). I also reserve the right to exaggerate.

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