Tiny Dancer 4

by Tx Williep, July 31st 2021 © 2021 Tx Williep

Continuing my search for my Tiny Dancer. This is one of the A-o-L figures.


very good and accurate proportions. i like the use of sketching over fluid line, it gives the peice an interesting edge. you dont look like you need it but perhaps you would benefit from setting up some guidlines for the body like you did on the face (maybe you have but you erased them, if so i apologise). happy drawing!

Tx Williep

Thank you for critiquing my drawing. If you look closely at the work, you will notice faint guidelines in the upper part of the body and the arms. The work, as is most of my work, is done with a pen & permanent ink. Why? Because I like the resulting drawing. The final watercolor will be done with a pencil on a heavy watercolor paper. I will continue to try and do my best.

Polyvios Animations

Most wonderful job on your tiniest dancer, txWilliep. Great range of proportions, angles, spaces and lines.

I have one smallest idea of improvement. Your gesture is going finer in the range of movement, but I'm getting a lot less wiggliness and shakiness in the lines. Would and could you please work those cleanliness of lines the most with 30 more minutes of 56 second quick attitudes? (1800/56=roughly 32 poses for drawing them) (custom timer, all flipped vertically)

The reasons are because of, 1) to get to drawing the nudes and non-nudes with your right side of your brain. and 2) to improve your line smoothness and clarity over cleanliness.

Good luck to your goals.

Tx Williep

Thank you for critiquing my drawing. I like this drawing. The left hip has a bump that should not be there. I can not change it; however, in a redrawing, I can. I did the drawing as a record & source for future drawings & paintings. I will take your advice and do 1 min & 2 min practice drawing. I have the idea to go back to them and accent with watercolor (not too much).

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