1 min Life drawing Figure_c

by Tx Williep, August 1st 2021 © 2021 Tx Williep

This is a 1 min figure in my local life drawing session.Using pen & permanent ink,

Polyvios Animations

Great work on showing off your range of motion and emotion, txWilliep. Love how economical and clearest your line work is.

My suggestion is that your lines are getting a lot least shakiest, though you could be able too loosen and speed these lines up just a little bit more. Kindly do 30 more minutes of 58 second quick sketches of the gestures??? (1800/58=about 31 quick sketch warm-ups)

The reason why you could do this critique is because, to make your lines the least wiggliest, and the most vital, action-packed and energetic. For more details, look this up.

Hope this helps.

Tx Williep

Thank you for critiquing my drawing. I have exchanged emails with Kenzo of Love Life Drawing. The movie was very interesting & informative. I will try to do better and practice.

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