1 min Life drawing Session -d

by Tx Williep, August 1st 2021 © 2021 Tx Williep

One minute life drawing session -d. Using pen & permanent ink,

Polyvios Animations

Exceptional job on your quickest pose.

My suggestion is that those lines don't look or seem or being easiest enough. Would you please loosen and warm up your hands with 3 more hours of 57 second quickest poses of nudes? (10,800/57=roughly 189 quick poses and nudes) (two 5 minute breaks inbetween 90 poses)The reason is because, just by working with your custom time limits with this session, you'll be allowed to be more spontaneous, despite having not enough times. Just please don't be discouraged if you don't get a perfect truth right away, but you're here for the gesture and emotion.

Good luck with your current goal.

Tx Williep

Thank you for critiquing my drawing. In a 1 min pose, you do not have time to mess around. I try to get as much information in it because my drawings provide a source of information for future drawings. I can and do use them as a source for paintings. I can draw long curved lines of the figure. I check the relationships between the various parts on the go. The right leg is in profile and the upper (hip to knee) & lower legs (knee to ankle) are equal. I can quickly check that on the fly.


I can feel the movement. Since this is a quick drawing proportions are off. The most important is the feel.

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