Casual studies

by Will, September 12th 2018 © 2018 Will

30 secs

My goal for these is to be able to notice the curvature of the body / improve my gesture drawing ability overall (especially in the connecting joints and torso)

I usually do not request critique but am now willing to give it a shot. :


Hey Will, try keeping your poses a bit clearer - it's hard sketching with ballpoint but you can still use pressure to control the lineweights. Another thing is that you seem to draw the spine in two curves instead of one, try using a C curve to convey the curvature of the spine - in short try simplifying as much as you can



Nice figures. The lines of action carry well the movement, and the proportions are correct.

Regarding your goal, I guess you can practice a bit more to feel confident then move to the next phase: To draw the body volumes.


Just to confirm, but drawing body volumes is basically describing the basic shapes/form of the body, right?


Yes correct.