Casual studies

by Will, September 12th 2018 © 2018 Will

30 secs

My goal for these is to be able to notice the curvature of the body / improve my gesture drawing ability overall (especially in the connecting joints and torso)

I usually do not request critique but am now willing to give it a shot. :)


I really enjoy the fluidity demonstrated in these studies! One thing that might help with your gesture is to consider the ground and plant the feet more solidly. I notice that in the bottom left drawing where the figure is reclined on their arm, it feels a little floaty and weightless because you can’t see where the hand connects to the ground. In that instance it’s probably more that the image just went off the page due to size constraints, but it’s still something I think you should consider :) keep up the good work, Will!


Hey Will, nice 30 second poses! Is it ballpoint pen? Also Do you have any specific goals with your figure drawing?


1. yes it is ballpoint pen 2. My goal for this specific session (and perhaps a few future ones) is specified above. I made sure to note the major joints for both future reference and to reenforce my idea on how the body moves(same reason that i marked the curvature)


Oh I was thinking more in the lines of future work you wanted to shoot for like concept art, animation or fine arts


Oh! Well in that case, i'm probably going to go for something between a character designer and an animator (Although i'm not sure about the details yet)

Kim - Site admin

Hi Will!

It looks like you're on the right track for your goals. I also commend you for working in pen.

I would suggest that you work on using fewer lines where one will do - for example, your shoulder line in most of these appears to have 3-4 strokes, when only one is needed. Reducing the number of lines per, well, line, will make you think harder about what line you actually wish to put down, and make your brain pay attention to that information and hopefully retain it more strongly. Working in pen is already a step in this direction toward building confidence, but you can compound your returns. ;)

Hope this helps!