30sec pose sketches

by Mikay, August 27th 2021 © 2021 Mikay

Mikay, this is amazing. I can tell that each line was thought through, despite the time limit. Your poses are fluid, easy-to-read, and beautiful to look at. I can't visually see anything that, from my perspective, you could improve upon. However, might I suggest trying some color one or two times? (Sorry if that came off as mean, it wasn't meant to be that way) Grab a few markers, ballpoint pens, or crayons and do one of the figure sketches. Maybe try assigning one or two colors for certain things on the longer-timed sketches, etc. Other than that, this is super good, and definitely keep up the amazing work!

Aunt Herbert

Some of those forms look very beautiful, they capture the gesture and body form very well.

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