30min class

by Mikay, March 21st 2023 © 2023 Mikay

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

i kind of regret putting colour on the 10min one in the last 3 minutes instead of refining the form and all that, but all in all, i think it turned out fine.


Alrighty, I kind of had to look at this for a few minutes to actually get to a point where I could find stuff to critique, because I can tell you are several levels above me, but you know what they say about those who can't do. I really like how quickly you find the form for a lot of these bodies. Ever single drawing has volume and most of the body is there. And even though the color is rushed on the last piece, I can tell you have a good basis for color theory and that it be a good start to become more refined. I really like these.

Your skipping over the hands a lot, which is understandable, they are the bane of our existance, but even rough shapes would go a long way. There are several missing feet as well. Developing some shorthand shapes for these body parts and remembering to take the time to place them takes some practice, but its worth it.

Your also avoiding the neck connecting to the torso in a lot of pieces, which looks fine because of the existence of shoulders in most of your shorter gesture drawing, but your second 5 minute figure's neck is its least convincing part. It kind of sticks out from the rest of the figure, which you did such a great job of illustrating even at its award angle.

Feel free to agree or disagree with any part of this critique. I can tell you've practiced a lot and you are definitely on your way to getting even better.


This is amazingly helpful, thank you very much! I did not even notice that i skip the neck connecting to the torso, and now that i think about it, thats also something i struggle with a bit when drawing from imagination, so it definitely checks out.

With the hands and feet, while i do purposefully keep them the simplest and most unimportant in my full body drawings, i never realized that i sometimes even skip them, and just now through your critique saw that i did not even focus on them in the 10min piece. I will in the future pay more attention to actually drawing them.

Thank you so much!

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Mikay, and welcome back to our online drawing tool website, but how are you this bedtime? Say, I think that you are having a very so much more better eye and brain for color relationships except it's with skin tones, but wait, there's more, a very much far more greater sense of gestures, forces, spaces, the looseness of the lines of action and rhythm, and of the forms and of the relationships.(proportions and angles) However, I'm completely, positively, totally and absolutely not even getting enough of your range of expressions, of emotions, and more importantly, of exaggerations, so how would you like to exaggerate your poses, your gestures, and of your looser lines?

And, the reason why you could push your exaggerations of your lines, poses, and gestures, is because you can and shall and will make your character concepts, designs, and anatomies very, very, verry, VERY stronger, bolder and even more powerful in terms of your something to say about your stories and characters. Plus if you wanna see more influences, I'd recommend the art of book, The Art of Klaus on Amazon. My hat's off to you, and good night 😘💤🌙