15 min help

by Senrous, August 31st 2021 © 2021 Senrous

Hi guys this is a 15 mins i did a couple days ago, let me know what do you think

Polyvios Animations

Great work on your finished pose, Senrous, love how much time and care you've spent on your forces, forms and economic details. I really feel that you're completely and absolutely capable on mastering and learning your drawing principles, even when you're drawing your poses from models, memory and imaginiation.

My smallest suggestion for improvement for your gesture pose would and should be that though your lines are getting to be a lot more confident and sure of themselves, still your shapes, spaces and forms could be a little bit more organic and maleable. Would you kindly be able to free up your hands and shapes with 30 more minutes of 5 minute poses, from memory; by looking at the model for 3 minutes, then actually drawing them out for 2 minutes each time? (6 models of nudes and clothes)

The reason is because of this video below:


This video above will be able to help and assist you on your current goal, if it's to draw your figures from memory. I hope this have been completely and totally useful, beneficial, helpful and encouraging.


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