10 min

by Senrous, August 31st 2021 © 2021 Senrous
Polyvios Animations

Wow! That figure study is colassal and a very, very stupendous job on your forms, spaces, angles and proportions, Senrous. This is one of the most marvelous figure studies I've EVER seen!

So, to critique that, I must say that though your figure is getting to be a bit too subtle, but it needs more and most broadness and wideness in the the strokes. Would you please loosen up your lines and dominant hand with 3 hours of 1 minute mood drawings of the figure drawings????? (180 attitudes and personality poses of the characters)

The reason why you could and would is because, your gesture drawings and stick gestures will surely improve over time and will, if your ambition is to be any animator, then good luck and rest assured your bodies will have the strongest range of motion and movement.

My hat's off to you and your goals. Good luck.

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