Ancient Magical Place

by Tx Williep, September 30th 2021 © 2021 Tx Williep

"Ancient Magical Place" by Willliam Perry Hudson
16 in x 12 in Mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, pen & ink on 200 lb cold press watercolor paper.
As in my past paintings, I have flowers zipping through the work.

These are pansy flowers . Why?
1. there are many, many different types; 2. they are very colorful; 3. I see faces in them.

Who built the site? I have no idea. It is in decay. Vegetation is taking over. There are two statures that for the time being are in OK shape. Plus there is a dormant volcano in the upper right.



I would like to see more intentional brushwork. there are quite a few spaces where it feels as if you needed to cover the surface space with colour to get your visual story across.

Form matters not only in drawing but also in painting. The same rules apply. Your Brush strokes can often enhance the emotional state of the image or distract the viewer. Be very careful, deliberate and try not to swish paint onto the surface just to cover that surface.

Watercolours, like guash or ink washes, are very susceptible to revealing the artists' knowledge of form. Because it is so unforgivably transparent, it drys quickly and is hard to get values back to lighter values without looking muddy. The best way to handle mediums like these is to think before your stroke. Taking time to make every mark count to telling that better visual story.

If you would like to try something else I would suggest working with high-quality tempera paint. The opacity is stronger, but also will show layers underneath the former layer of paint with unique beauty. I always suggest using it to artists interested in working with watercolours before they graduate to wash mediums because some of its lessons are tightly related to the better knowledge needed to be a strong water painter.

Enjoy pushing pigments.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

Tx Williep

Thank you for critiquing my work. I looked at your page, read your info, and looked at your sketchbook. From England are you? I spent 3 years assigned to USAF duty in the Midlands: 60 mi north west of London, 20 miles north of Oxford, and 10 miles SE of Banbury (Banbury Cross?). I am impressed by your art credentials and your artwork. Go going. Our transmitter site was used as the setting for the movie 12'O Clock High It was a World War II bomber base. I hope you are enjoying your stay in the US.

You say you want to see brushwork. If you look closely at the female figures and the flowers at the bottom, you will see brushwork. In the local Life Drawing session, my favorite drawing tool is an ink pen used on paper (I have over 30 volumes of drawings from these sessions. I used waterproof ink in this work because watercolor and acrylic are water-based. I did not want the lines if drew to get ruined. I use multiple layers of watercolor over others to get the color I want. I do my best.

Recommend you might look at my sketchbook. I have drawings & paintings (watercolor) in it.

Again, thank you for your information. Work & study hard.


Tx Williep,

I know the airbase you are talking about is located. I have been there. My buddy was stationed near there for five years. I miss her terribly since she was re-stationed in Ohio last year.

I am still in the UK, but I travel to the US when not taking my classes online. I have PPPD, and consequently, I am more often than not in a wheelchair, so taking courses with foreign tuition prices did not make sense because I would have to take classes in the UK online anyway. Consequently, I thought it was better to take them from my hometown and my family's alma mater, Southwest Minnesota State University. Also, I still have a few patrons in Minnesota, and when I travel back to the States, I usually bring back a painting or two for my clients.

I am currently working on a death sea sean called "Remember Me". There are lanterns with tags with names of loved ones who have passed on to the next world in this work. If you have someone you would like remembered; I would gladly place their name in the painting. My patron would love to know that other artists striving at the canvass have a small part in this work. So, don't be worried on that end. It's the point of the painting.

By the way, thanks for the encouragement in my studies. I am working hard towards my masters in fine art, and I plan to graduate Suma Kum Laude before properly opening doors to a broader client base. It takes a lot of time to become a solid, steady artist. I am trying to enjoy the ride to getting there; slow as the pace may seem, I'll get there.

Thanks for the friendly reply. I hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,

Michellerose Cusack

JCML Fine Art

Ori Concept Arts

I would like to know what specific aspect of the piece you want critique on

Tx Williep

Amy and/all aspects of this piece. This is my latest one. If you would like to view the rest of my sketchbook, please feel free to do so.

Polyvios Animations

Fantastic job on our rendered scene or environment, txWilliep. Incredible and wonderful illustration I've seen from you so far. Very well art-directed.

My suggestion would be is that though the aerial perspective is all there, but I'm not getting enough of the strongest shapes and negative shapes in your composition and line economy and movement. Would you kindly free and be more cartooniest and designiest with 30 minutes of 30 second scene and environment drawings? (60 backgrounds) (All flipped vertically and normal)

The reason why you would and should do this suggestion is, as a result, your compostions will become the most well thought-out and planned out in not just in the drawing, but in the thought process, too. For even more inspiration, please click here.

My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these helpful and totally beneficial.

Polyvios Animations

Tx Williep

Polyvios Animations,

Nice to hear from you again. Hope you are doing well. I put it in for a local art center call for entries. It was rejected. Why I don't know? It was a juried exhibit & I do not do well in these. They have not returned my entry fee. I do not trust them now and I do not trust the other local place either. I do not know where I will enter any future works. I guess I will put it in a portfolio and store it.

I looked at the works you ask me to view. Very nice.

I am considering doing 1 work (small) of the nude figure in watercolor per day that I would add to the portfolio in storage. It will save me framing money. I am a poor retiree.

Michellerose Cusack,

I wish you all the success you can get. Keep up pushing ahead.

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