Brill Mill -UK

by Tx Williep, October 7th 2021 © 2021 Tx Williep

This is my sketch of the Brill Mill in the UK. It was originally built in the 1680s and was a functioning mill used to making flour until a few years ago. Since I was there the wooden parts inside the mill were replaced by metal ones which meant the mill could not turn into the wind. It is still, in its new form, a popular tourist site on the weekend. It is located at NNE of Oxford, SSE of Bicester, and East of Upper Heyford. I am planning to make a painting of the drawing as it was. The sketch is a pen and ink drawing.


I really love the way you inked this. The use of contrast for the lightning is superb


Lovely composition, I would emphasize darks and lights a little more.

Tx Williep

Siljamoon & Agnesbellacart,

Thank you both for critiquing my Brill Mill drawing. I was impressed with it when I saw it back in the day. I am still impressed with it. It has been remodeled in the intervening year since I first saw it. When I first saw it the mill was more interesting. I am planning to do an acrylic painting of the one I saw in 1970. Of course, I have no place to show it or display it, since I do not trust the local art center or K-Space. I will have to find a place on my walls.

Polyvios Animations

Awesome work and excellent work on your scene and background sketch, tx. Way to go on your perspective and composition talent!

However, here's my tiniest, littlest improvement just of you, really. I love how much forms are all getting to be into absolute place, but I'm not truly getting enough of the caricature and distortion of the spaces and relationships. Would you kindly sketch out the largest and longest and liveliest lines, with your whole shoulder, with 30 minutes of 30 second background layout sketches, please? (60 layout drawings, all flipped vertically and normally)

The reason why is because, you'd be able to see the perspective, edges, spaces and relationships with newer eyes. For more details, be sure to look into this link on Betty Edwards here? Although that some of the brain science has been updated in light of recent developments, on account of someone who quipped that to me, yet that doesn't that really doesn't apply to you.

Happy landscape drawing, and great evening.

Tx Williep

Polyvios Animations thank you for critiquing my drawing. At the time I drew the mill, I did not have time to do what you suggested in your second paragraph. I was out & about in the English country side with a buddy. I only had time to do the drawing. As I said I am going to do a painting (acrylic) but I have not figured out the sky plus I have not had the time. I am trying to decide if the sky will be a peaceful sky or a stormy one. The mill I will be based on the 1970 drawing.

I do have a copy of the Betty Edwards book.

Again, thanks for the critique. wph

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