Longer Practice Piece

by Orangepeel64, October 9th 2021 © 2021 Orangepeel64

Spent longer on this, happy with some bits not so happy with others. What do you think doesn't work so well and any advice on how to progress from here gratefully accepted.


You seem to be good at finding the shadows on the subject. I also see that you are using the background color to color your mid tones like the subjects skin. This leaves no space for highlights. Highlights are about as important as shading to show form. I hope this help, and I like the legs a lot.


Great point, I will try to think more about midtones and highlights. Thanks for the feedback


You have done great at finding the shadows, but also think about putting some under knee and foot. Just a suggestion of the ground will help him stop floating.


the shadows are well placed, but some areas of the shading do feel a tad muddy. I would say, focus the most on the most noticeable shadow shapes first, and when it comes to areas where there's only slight shade, consider that adding contrast to at least part of it may help it blend better with the forms. focusing on how the 3d mass and location of light sources affects the shadows can really help with this. you did this well with the fabric/leather textured bits.

Polyvios Animations

Gorgeous realistic job on your hand-illustrated portrait of a tribe warrior, Orangepeel64. Greater job, indeed-y.

My smallest suggestion could and should be that though the forms and details are well worked out, but I'm not getting enough of that strongest, extreme emotion and movement in your lines of rhythm, adding to the choppy lines. Would you please free up your elbows and shoulders with a custom 1 hour session of 60 second poses? (60 sketches of poses and clothes)

The reason, 1st of all, it's because of the Shamus Culhane kibbit on the older book, Animation From Script to Screen, and 2nd, to help you make your poses really, and totally move. For most influences, be sure to check out this link, if you click here, please.\

Good luck on your goal, and hat's off to you.

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