30 Min Practice

by Orangepeel64, October 10th 2021 © 2021 Orangepeel64

Trying to spend more time on one image and try and avoid being too stiff going over and over lines, mixed success.

Amberer M

Beautiful fluidity throughout the drawing. Proportions are very impressive and you have a great understanding of lighting and shadows


Overall a decent effort and I commend you.

I would say to spend a bit more time to slowly render and shade in the shapes. The shading seems a bit rough and I would personally say your art would be elevated as a whole if you had a cleaner and smoother approach.

If you want to avoid constantly going over areas, I would suggest being aware of what you want to accomplish as you draw and being aware of the individual brush/pencil strokes and their direction.

I've fallen intro the pit-trap before where I would render without a pre-set direction in mind, hoping the final result would come out naturally. This just lead to a lot of backtracing and was a time-sink in my work flow. Setting out with a direction for your drawing will lead to efficiency and a higher render quality.

Best of luck

Polyvios Animations

Greatly gorgeous job on your nude attitude, Orangepeel. Great use of forces, great use of forms, and more importantly, great attention to detail.

My littler quip is that there's not enough of force and power in your pose as there could and should be. Would you like to work loosest and largest with a 30 minute session, customized, with 2 minute drawings of bodies and figures? (15 designs of figures)

So, the reason why you could and would do this suggestion is because, your forces, your forms and your details will be the least blandest, stiffest, also sloppiest, yet be the most fluidest, solidest and most importantly liveliest and soulful.

Remember, have FUN with the process! And don't forget to keep experimenting and advancing your time limits! Happy scribbling.

Polyvios Animations

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