by Aleem80, October 19th 2021 © 2021 Aleem80

Done as part of a rendering and lighting practice session.

My current goal is: Improve my shading and rendering of light

Ori Concept Arts

Not bad but a few things to be mindful of :

When unobsructed , sunlight hits surfaces equally from the same angle , unlike spot lights or pointlights . You can still get shadows from cloud cover and so on but its important to understand what they are and why some shadows are hard while other shadows are soft.

Second point is detail resolutuin : In a picture we will typically see details that are closer to us in greater clarity . In your picture the foreground seems very loosely rendered . probably because you found it incredibly boring :
So I challenge you to either find an interest in rendering it at better detail resolution that at least matches that of the background . otherwise you can also see how other environment artists solve this problem in various creative ways.

The foreground is not the center of the composition so it shouldn't be better than the background but it shouldn't be too neglected either.


Wow thank you so much for the detailed feedback, yes the foreground was boring to work on lol. I will definitely come back to this piece in the future thank you once again!

Polyvios Animations

Excellent job on your desert landscape, aleem80. Nothing to critique here, but keep your goal up on your next, new scene.

My tiny suggestion: Please add a B&W filter over the digipainting. The reason is because, it can help you judge the colors of the light the best.

Hope this helps.



You may be off to a start, but I need to push this further where the main light source is outside the picture frame. Light sort of acts like a vanishing point. The thing that is vanishing is the strength of the light in the visual environment.

If the cloud above defences the light, and you know the light source, you can change how that invisible (to the viewer) cloud looks to tell a more compelling visual story.

Remember that details get stronger and more vivid as they get closer to us. Same with colour. Colours further away to the naked eye blur to shades of grey, or pastel and closer ones are more delicate and vibrant.

If you pop up the details and focus on your VP points, you will have a cool image to tell a wider story. If there are no figures, give us a reason to keep looking and imagining what is happening in that desert. Sometimes hidden images, only known to the artist, are great ways to keep the viewer's attention because they push the viewer to keep looking without realising why they find the image so compelling.

All the best,

Jcml Fine Art


This looks really nice but the cracks in the desert ground could be a bit better but good job:)

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