by Aleem80, October 24th 2021 © 2021 Aleem80

Done as part of a practice session about one and a half hours. I think I could do better with the pillar rendering, but overall I like the colour palette

My current goal is: Improve my shading and rendering of light


Nice work. The light is beautiful. There is something illogical about the columns joining the floor. The shadows of the window panes should be parallel.

Ori Concept Arts

Try to understand the light vectors and angle to come at a more accurate result.
Sunlight casts light in a uniform fashion , meaning the angle of the light is consistent when hitting the earth.
There are many guides that teach how to shade in 2d such as Scott Robertson 'How to Render' Book and you could probably find that information also in youtube tutorials .

Another thing to keep in mind is bounce light


Hello Aleem80!

This looks fantastic! Like you said, I love the color palate. As for the perspective, the tan cill closest to the observer looks like it's tapered off a little too quickly. I would continue curling it to the right and left just a tiny bit to make the transition a bit smoother. Overall, fantastig job!


I like your style and the color pallete is really nice! I am a little confused on the pillars on the left, but you already mentioned that. Keep up the good work!


The overall rendering of this piece is gorgeous, but there are some details that could be improved on a little. The pillar on the left (like you mentioned) is cut too awkwardly. The cut should be following the trim of the floor/windowsill. The shadows on the seem pretty good, but the light that’s passing through the window and separating the light and dark is cut off too, maybe slightly blending the shadow and the light can help achieve a more natural look, rather than big squares on the floor, which slightly gets isolated from the rest of the piece.

Other than that, this piece is beautifully done in only 1 and a half hour, and please do keep up the wonderful work!


The Mils Edition

You can always do more, but more rendering on the pillars would cause a need for everything to be rendered as well. There is good cohesion here.


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