No resemblance with reference photo

by Eva N, October 31st 2021 © 2021 Eva N

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 60 minutes in length.

Please help with positioning of features. I realise the mouth is very off, also with the other features as well. I'm still new at drawing, just started a month or so.



Damn that looks awesome. keep up the good work. My only critique is that the left side of the forehead seems a little large compared to the picture.


The solid outlines force the eye away from a sense of dimensionality; also remember that facial construction depends on the underlying skull & bones. A good rule of thumb is the eyeline lies at the middle of the skull; cut the lower half in half again for the bottom of the nose; and the bottom half of the remainder marks the top of the chin.

Another useful hint I've received is to look at the shapes of the shadows rather than attempting to replicate a particular "feature" - don't "draw an eye," squint your eyes and look for the shadow shapes.

And keep drawing - a lot! *grin*

Polyvios Animations

Say, NE, you're new around this website. I beg to disagree about your lip placement. Way to go on your perfectionism and attention to detail. Nicest job!!

What bugs me is that your face, in contrast to your model, your action and energy lines look a bit too toned down to me. Would you care to do our Interactive Online Drawing Tutorial? (Even if it's all figure photos) The reason is because, to help make your dominant hand the least heaviest, and your lines and shapes the most loosest and organic-looking and -feeling. For more inspiration, look into the Walt Stanchfield PDFs online. Click Here Please.

My hat's off to you.

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