No resemblance with reference photo

by Eva N, October 31st 2021 © 2021 Eva N

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 60 minutes in length.

Please help with positioning of features. I realise the mouth is very off, also with the other features as well. I'm still new at drawing, just started a month or so.


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Don't try to copy the model , that's near impossible , instead look at the shape of her underlying skull. the relation between her features :

Start with base 3 dimensional shapes : the volume of her temple and of the jaw. For example the temple is a sphere but with part of it cut out on boh sides.

Next fine the positioning of key features : the brow ridge , eyes, the hairline , the tip of the nose , center of the mouse etc ... I see you tried to do something like that but did not account for the center postion of the eyes or the overall head volume.

So that is probably the key source of diversion from the reference.

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I think you're completely right about some of the problems your faceing (pun intended), the mouth is the single greatest detractor from the resemblance to the photo. Good news though I feel like you did great work on the eyes particularly in their position on the face, so proportioning out the rest will be a snap.

The corners of the mouth are under the center of the eye, which you got on the left side of the image, but you fell a little sort on the right side. Also, the right corner of the mouth is a titch lower than the left I think the refrence is tricky in that spot because the comparative darkness seems to pull the line down further than it is (if her head was cocked in our direction then it would be as you drew it). Her lips are also way plusher on the photo really make those kissers round and plump. that; being said you NAILED the expression (i'm super jealous).

Furthermore I feel that you could "push" your values far more than you did. The highlights on her face are much smaller than on your piece, don't be stingy with that lead ;) white sports on the paper are "no information" so our brains don't like that. Use blank sports spareingly and strokes generously. (though her face is very shiny so i think you had a good instinks to stay with the lighter values. This is a really good piece I'd be proud of personally, if you feel like showing it to people it's not like they have the refrence photo on hand so all they'll see is the careful attention to shadow you gave the nose and eyes. Keep it up!!! ^_^


I found this critique as an interesting task.
First you found the expression very well.

Found 3 things.
-The forehead curves too vertically. It should tilt slightly to the right. Also the head should be more elliptical in shape.
-The eyes are a bit too large.
-The nose is a bit too small and short.


I disagree about the mouth; I think it's quite good.

My suggestion is to get measurements down earlier in the process. Like everyone else--me included--it looks like you went to the details stage before you had the block in nailed. Her ear is just a touch too low, but much better than I've seen from other beginners. I see you have a center line; perhaps some more guidelines would help you with positioning. And measure: How far is the left pupil from the center line? the right one? etc.

The shape of her forehead needs attention, though you did a good job on her jaw. Don't crosshatch the hair; it gives the impression she's wearing a knit cap. The shadow line on the right doesn't match the photo; it needs to, to capture the lighting, or be quite different and internally consistent, if you're going for some kind of unusual lighting effect.

Just a mont in? Good job!

Polyvios Animations

Hmmm, I think that you're getting on the right direction as head and face drawings go, Eva N. Nice going on the edges, the head construction, the positive and negative spaces; except for the facial relationships, which is based on a true story.

My simpler critique is that though your expression solid terms of the cranium, it looks like, or seems like it's built out of the stiffest sphere. Would you please loosen up your dominant and non-dominant shoulders, in a 10 minute portrait?

">More inspiration here.

'The reason why you would go with this littlest idea is because of two reasons: 1) To help you draw your head gesture with the longer lines and shapes. 2) To aid and assist your control and understanding of the facial proportions and angles. I know we settled with something a little bit longer, but it's surely worth it.

And so, hat's off to your myelin. Happy portrait sketching!

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