10 mins studies in sketchbook

by Angiesart4u, November 6th 2021 © 2021 Angiesart4u

All thru, October I did " Inktober" just in my cheap sketchbook. Trying to get more confident with my drawings. No pencil used went straight to ink each day.

Polyvios Animations

Wow!!! Greatest work on the really gorgeous detailing and organic forms on all of your animals, Angie!! Way to go and good luck! Say, what's your first goal tonight?

Cause if you have your goal, then you'll know precisely where and when to go with your drawing and sketching skills.

Great job on your Inktober animals and reptilians. These can make excellent sketchbook illustrations, but otherwise, here's my honest critique. I love the observation with lots of grace and effortlessness, but I really want to see more expressivity of the body and head constructions and relationships. Would you care to free up your cross-dominant shoulders with 10 5-minute poses of animals, including all reptiles? (50 minutes) As a result, you would not really going for perfect copies, then your beasts will able to be expressed with the inner feelings of them, as far as character designs go. Happy sketchbooking!


You have a lot of texture with similarly weighted lines, so they "read" a bit flat. The difference in value/shading on the mole's right side helps it pop toward 3D.


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