more movement?

by Angiesart4u, November 8th 2021 © 2021 Angiesart4u

hello All :o)

Firstly Thank you to those who offered their views and comments and taking the time to do so!

I am trying to get more expressive with my drawings but the 'monkey' that sits critizing on my shoulder makes me tighten up on my drawing. :o(

So the struggle continues! lol

Best to all in their art journey! :o)

Kind Regards Angie

Polyvios Animations

Remarkable on your range of movement of your realistic animals, Angie. Way to go! I love those gestures, so keep them up!!

What I'd criticize it that those animals, especially this dog on the bottom of the left page, is a little bit too hairy, unless it's purposeful. Would you please be able to economize your lines a little bit more further with 30 minutes of 2 minute canines? (15 dogs and wolves)

The reason why you'd do this concept is so that your animals and mammals will be the most fluidest, livieliest, and furthermore, spontaneous and in-the-moment. Here, please check this video out!! https://

This is The 7 Ls Of Gesture Drawing. Kindly take my advice with a grain of salt, but it's positively worth it...

'Good luck and happy sketchbook drawing!


Hey pretty cool art we have here !!

I just have one observation to do, you should maybe try to focus yourself on more rounded shapes, and more fluid lines to build your drawing, maybe by using all your arm to makes your lines. Especcially for the dog or the monkey.

Similarly, before start a drawing you should think "did i want to make a drawing with angular or round shapes" that will help you to visualise what you draw.

you did a really good job, i love your style and shadings !! keep drawing


it looks really good! nice work

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