22 Second Long Light Sketch Of A Crane Flapping Her Wings

by Polyvios Animations, November 7th 2021 © 2021 Polyvios Animations

My current goal is: Work on my signature drawing style of sketching animal forces, gestures, and acting, most quickly. (advanced)

Done as part of a practice session of 22 seconds.

Did that in really old Crayola Crayons, just to indicate motion and feeling of the animals. What do you think of my style so far? What can I do to caricature my light weights, or whatever, or am I all set??


I dont know if im seeing it right, but from the description you gave. I´m guessing the black triangular shape is the head and the red is the wing. and the black ovular shape is the neck base.

you did a pretty good job for 22 seconds. once I was able to see the picture clearer it was much easier to see perfection and imper fections, I like your style its unique and not like anything Ivé seen before good job :) but at first glance it kinda just looks like a bunch of scribbles

I know this probally wasn helpful cause im not professional or anything Iḿ still a begginer and dont know much.

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