12/12/2021 13 minutes

by Orinatic, December 13th 2021 © 2021 Orinatic

Hello, unfortunately I don't really have any constructive criticism because you are way above my level. I admire the control you have to create such soft structural marks. Your lines are elegant and smooth. I want to see how you approach shading.

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Oh thank you ^_^

Unfortunately, I actually really haven't practiced shading *at all*. I've basically just been working on from for the past year or two. Shading it next on my todo list :P

Polyvios Animations

Orinatic, I must really say that your figure's orgaic shapes, spaces, and forms are totally in the right place. Great work on all of your organic drawings. Great job, great job. I'm feeling that you can learn more and more about figures as well as hands and feet, and of course, faces and expressions.

My question: What is your current goal for the night?

My critique, is that your range of expression of the forms are getting there, but I'm not getting enough of the squashy-stretchy flexibility in the pose. Please would you like to go for a 10 minute study of this image below?:

This image is from Andreas Deja's blog, a former Disney animator, and it's of Mowgli from Disney's Jungle Book (1967), animated by Milt Kahl, and assisted by Dave Michener.

As you can see, if you could do this study as you download and print at your home printer, then you'd be able to study the subtle use of gesture drawing, silhouette, construction, the whole nine yards.

If your goal is to understand human construction & anatomy, then I allow and encourage you to do so.

My hat's off to you. Good luck.


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