First real foray into value

by Orinatic, January 16th 2022 © 2022 Orinatic

I've mostly been doing just line work up until now, but I figure I can't put off value forever. Any advice would be appreciated!


Love the gesture and the flow of the piece!! I am not knowledgable in light sources enough to point out specific things but I think the hair and face should have some more value to them? but the body and arms with value look great!! Keep up the good work ♡

Ghozt Gabo

good! continue practicing more, and try not to detail :)


Your gesture and figure drawing skill is excellent. As for value you can block just solid 3 values at beginning studies and don't think about blending and stuffs at the beginning. Also spend time observing the anatomy .For example, as you know our eyes are in holes in the skull so eye plane will be a darker value. Hope it'll be a little help to your learning journey. Thanks.

Anime Beginner Acct

I think it looks really cool and interesting.

My only critique that I can think of, given that it's a value study, is whether it makes sense for the face to only share one shado value with the torso. Seems like it only has one whereas the torso has three

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