Sketches from 3 hour class

by Rashuneagle, January 2nd 2022 © 2022 Rashuneagle

Done as part of a 3 hour class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

goal is to improve legs


I think a place for you to start is not with anatomy right now but proportion and observational skills, knowing how far ther hips are from the rib cage or how wide the hips are compared to the shoulders... etc that will make your study of anatomy a lot easier.

also, your action line is stiff, it should be one curve made quickly, doing a few 30-second studies of just action lines will help you.

The reason why I say proportion might be a better start for you... Compare her head to her knee.
they are both the same size, in fact, her knee is almost larger than her head and that is incorrect in terms of proportion.

keep at it, we all start somewhere... good luck.

Happy Face

i think you could do less presure with pencil, and try more quick sketches than more complexes drawings. You can try using this techince :) -> https://www.

hope i helped and dont give up!


Thanks! This was really helpful

Polyvios Animations

Wow, that's a very incredible job on your human leg drawing, Rashuneagle. Very, very awesome job on your proportions and anatomy. Your practice is a perpetual work-in-progress, you see? Don't get discouraged if you can't improve overnight.

My tiniest, and smallest improvement is that though your legs are spot-on, but I'm not seeing enough of your thinking and feeling for the drawing fundamentals. Would you kindly loosen up your memory drawing hands with your 2 hour drawing class of any figure drawing? (all flipped vertically, and horizontally) The reason is because, the shorter the time you sketch, the more impossible it'll be to go back and erase your drawings. Also, for further info, be sure to look into the Betty Edwards books, and the Andrew Loomis books, plus, of course, the new Morpho books.

Good luck, and hope this helps you out so much.


Tried the 2 hour session, and I couldn't agree more definitely made more of the time

Xiao 02

Dude your sketch is so f**king badass,please keep it.Art is deep in your soul.GOD I LOVE YOUR LEG!!!!!!!!

Domineek P

Look into breaking down the leg as a simple shape, personally ive found a two almost drumstick like shapez has been the best for me, once you have that down add in muscle definition, great stuff!


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