by Tam, January 2nd 2022 © 2022 Tam
Polyvios Animations

Hey, Happy New Year, Tam, I must totally and really do say, that I must like how much of a great job you've gone through with your quick figure nude poses. Way to go on rendering the proportions, perspective, and foreshortening in all your poses.

My considerable criticism, a complaint if you will; is that some of these lines are a tad bit too on the scratchiest side. Would you like to go for 15 minutes of 30 second poses, while working them out with your whole shoulder, with some oil pastels; all peeled off?

The reason why you would, should, and could do this suggestion is, so that your lines will become the lightest and largest in your lines of action, balance, and rhythm; and to be able to make your lines all the most smooth and confident.

Good luck and I hope you'll find these totally and completely useful and beneficial.

Polyvios Animations

Happy Face

Hi i think your drawing with a pen and i would recomend using pencils, its easier to make dynamic look natural and doing quick sketches. Try do not going over the lines it feels messy, great work tho!:)



Have you ever tried the pencil method? I use this myself.

See with the pencil method versus the old pressure method- (One pencil varying your pressure), instead what you do is go up or down a pencil with the same amount of pressure.

So that means you will not be dark off the bat if use say- a 3B and then jump up to a 4B for mid-tone lines, then a 10 B for darks and emphasis.

I find that I am more comfortable with this method, and my drawings are cleaner for the effort of switching up the pigment level of my implement.

If you would like a good brand I suggest woodless pencils by Eveneed

Woodless are nice because you have just graphite and you can take the pencil shaved graphite and put it in jars for mass drawing/drawing with paintbrush effects.

All the above being written, I think you do have a nice gesture and feel for what the model is expressing. The work feels good.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art


your drawing are great, can see the effort you put in it


I love the bottom drawing! The center lines and shape of her right arm are lovely; you've captured the essence of the pose.

It's hard to stop looking at it... Keep up the good work! (I want to see more *grin*)