by Tam, January 2nd 2022 © 2022 Tam

I recognize this pose as being one of mine! As I've mentioned in some of my other "critiques", I am not an artist that uses pen/pencil on paper so I can't speak to your technique. However, in these hanging poses I was trying to portray a sense of tension and I do believe you've captured that in your art. Very nice!

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Tam, I must really how much intuition of gesture, proportions and anatomy you've got going on your figure drawing. Great job. You gotta keep on going till you feel right.

My tiniest and smallest improment criticism is that though your anatomy is consummate indeed, but I feel that your drawing fundamentals are teensy bit too lax. Would you please go for your practice of those figure drawing fundamentals, from Proko? using 30 minutes of 5 minute figure nude and non-nude poses, with and without from a free course?

The arguement is because, it can and shall help you out on your intuitive understanding of human proportions, angles and anatomy, so that you'll get better in making solid, and more fluid and livelier.

Good luck to you, my hat's off to you, and till next time, hope these help you out very much.


Hi Tam, This is a good looking drawing!

If I had to give you some critiques I would suggest you work on a larger pad of paper so you dont run out of room. Work on the skeleton of your drawing before moving into contour line, and use longer "brushstrokes" when defining form. It looks like you make little dashes instead of one long line which takes some getting used to but when you switch to longer lines it gives your drawings a much more confident feeling.



The overall gesture is nearly there. It's just slightly stiff. When you are drawing, imagine that the image is about to move and think about how those mussels should be emphasized.

I think your most successful part of the work is the abdomen. The flesh sits well on this space. I would have liked to see this more delicate form throughout the whole work.

I think learning where you want to tell your story via line will be your next challenge in your drawing adventures. If you like, why not try working with a different medium. It may help you slow down and think more about how the pigment will react with the page while helping your lines tell better stories.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art