by Tx Williep, January 16th 2022 © 2022 Tx Williep

5 min life drawing with pen & ink

Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your expressive lines, shapes and graphic gestures, TX Williep. Keep on practicing, and moving forward. Especially I love your unique graphic style of drawing the forces and anatomical nudes.

I feel that the top section of your female nude doesn't feel too feminine enough to me, as gestures go. Would you kindly free up your dominant drawing arm with 10 minutes of 2-minute female poses? If your next goal is to make your nude anatomy to be the least stiff and the most dynamic, observational, and improvisational in terms of movement and action, then I validate yourself to go right ahead. For furthest details, would you do me a favor and check out this link below? Good luck and happy sketching.

Tx Williep

Again thank you for critiquing my drawing. Again I was working on drawing shapes (like the legs) with long continuous lines. Check out the other 2 drawings of Rebecca (shown to the right). The pose is determined by the model. The other model we have is Jennifer who is much younger & more developed in her upper body. She does have a back problem.

Tx Williep

I also checked out the link you provided. Yes, Disney World with Walt. he would show what his artists were doing. They would be out sketching everyday people. I have a small sketchbook for that purpose but I have not used it that much. I am not allowed to drive myself. I should be using it because practice makes better.

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