50 min sketch. focused on improving proportions, and observation

by Rashuneagle, January 18th 2022 © 2022 Rashuneagle

Done as part of a 2 hour class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

Cletus Johannes

Hello Rashuneagle,

Nicely observed torso, good structure and proportioned with the pelvis. The subtle rotation of the chest is nicely sugested by the abdomen and belly button.

While it's tough to keep the whole pose to fit in the page (I struggle with this myself) , a quick measure of proportions at the very begging helps a lot in dividing up the page.

I like to stretch my arm out and using my pencil Id measure from belly button to the top of the head and then compare that distance to that of feet to Lower end of pelvis(super useful for standing poses and foreshortening); making note of the pelvis as the halfway point is often a good start for me, but some othe rpeople like to build from the feet up. Similarly I've als seen people that build the pose from head to toes by imagining it being covered by a blanket and the drawing roughly what the edge of that would look like.

I hope that's something helpful to your current pusruit. Cheers on the hard work!

Drago Nano

First of all, great sketch! The lines and proportions are clear and well define. The weight and balance lines are counted and marked.

There might be a little typo in the title, I believe you meant five minutes :)
To add on what Cletus said:
When doing sketches, make sure to sketch first all of the figures, and then add detail, otherwise, you end up like here, with the arms ill-defined.
Shadows seem strange but shadow makes a huge difference. Even a little bit of shading can boost your figures by so much.

For the rest keep going and you will improve in no time!


Thanks Drago,

It was actually 50 min lol. I spend a lot of time on proportions.

I appreciate the advice

Polyvios Animations

Greatest jobs on your balance and rotation of the human anatomy, in terms of the weight, and in terms of balance, and spaces. Not to mention the range of relationships (proportions and angles) in the majority of the figure. Keep on your observations the most strongest like you've never seen or had.

What bugs me the most is that there's the biggest challange in making the lot of the attitude fit into the page more clearly and directly, in the most strongest flow possibly and potentially. Would you like to free up your stick figures with 4 hours, 30 minutes of 29 second scribbly poses? As a result, your visual communications, not just your proportions of the poses, will become the most clearest, direct, and simplest ever. If you're still curious about the action sketching, look into the PDFs of the Walt Stanchfield series: Book 1. Book 2. Good luck to you and your marches of progress. Never stop learning and growing.

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