50min sketch tried to add some shading

by Rashuneagle, January 23rd 2022 © 2022 Rashuneagle

Done as part of a 2 hour class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

tried to sketch more of the entire body. Tried adding some shading after


Hmm this is really good but the hands are a bit too thin so see to that a little. And try to add smooth lines instead of sharp cuts . Otherwise it's a great sketch


i love this drawing! oh and by the way... i am new here so could u give me some begginer tips pls?


Post your sketch. I'll be glad to critique

Mel Maril


First of all: I love the way you managed to break up more compex shapes like the shoulders into smaller shapes and emphasize the 3D-ness of especially the legs.

If you would like to boost your learning a little more, I can recommend the App Anatomie Quiz to you, since it is an awesome tool to learn the names and places of muscles and later identify them in for example life drawing sessions. Personally, that helped me a lot with drawing from imagination.

Keep up the great work and have a great das!


Thank you. I just downloaded the app I'm going to check it out later today


Good job with the breaking down the major pieces of the body! You'd be surprised how many people don't treat the torso as a malleable structure. I also liked how you defined the knee a bit more (the patella is quite a complicated skeletal landmark, after all).

As for critique, I'd suggest gently sketching the entire figure first before making any hard strokes. I can tell that you went straight for the latter approach, because your figure's feet are out of the page. Had you began with a lighter sketch first, you would have recognized that they would have been out of frame and could have more easily adjusted them. After all, this a 50 minute sketch. Take your time!

Also, regardless of how hard they may seem, try drawing hands! We only get better when we actively try things, and more often than not, things we avoid are actually the things we need to work most on. Good luck!

Sydney Grace

This looks great the only thing I noticed off is the arms look a little thin.


Yea I've been hearing that a lot. Been working on it 🙏


To Rashuneagle,

First of all, good job on the practice and your request for critique. It shows a true desire for improvement.

Now, my initial impression on the piece is that it is an interesting study in contrast (light verses dark). I found myself attracted to it on that alone. By itself, it's a good abstract artwork. The pose itself adds to the intrigue also. Judging by the amount of comments you've received, I believe I'm not alone in my opinion of your work. Please note that art does not have to be anatomically correct to catch interest.

Now, if your goal as stated is to better understand human anatomy, your proportions are off ( lower body larger than upper, hips exaggerated,etc.) Andrew Loomis' books are best for this purpose. Please take a look at 'Figure Drawing for all its worth'. It's the ultimate resource for artistic study of the human figure.

One more thing: I don't know if your young or middle aged. It doesn't matter. Best piece of advice I can give to you and all artists on this site is 'Don't put the pencil down!' Art is a journey, not a destination and you have thousands of miles to cover. Continue to do so with courage and an open mind to explore the vastness of your inner creative self and share your discoveries with the world. I look forward to your progress!


Hey I've been hearing that a lot been working on it 🙏

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Rashuneagle, how are you doing tonight? That's the greatest job on your desire for improvement I've ever seen yet. Greatest expression of your lines, your shapes, your spaces, and your forms and tones and proportions. You must really want to improve no matter what! Push yourself even more than ever!

Yet, I'm still feeling a bit too stiffest on your proportions and angles in that pose above, but otherwise, it's very breathtaking. Would you like to free up your shoulder and arm with 1 hour of 1 minute gesture poses? Your relationships will and shall and can be the least stiffest, and the most organic, dynamic, and fluidest. For more of what I mean about 1 hour of 1 minute drawing, look up this Archive.org link, if you totally haven't already. This can clearly help you out. Good night and have fun improving.

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