Trying to remind myself to draw gesture but it still feels awkward

by Anime Beginner Acct, January 24th 2022 © 2022 Anime Beginner Acct

If anyone has any tips or resources for better gesture drawing I'd be grateful for them


I'd recommend more continous lines instead of small ones that link together. Practice just drawing with one line while drawing figures and not looking at your paper. It develops coordination. I think your current figures are great though, the proportions look good to me.

Sydney Grace

I would recommend using shapes to plot out the muscles and body structure. The proportions on the use drawings look pretty good though.

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Anime Beginner Acct, this is Polyvios, how are you? Welcome back to Line of Action! Great work on your solid but organic construction, and the more spontaneous and cartoony line work. Way to go and keep moving forward, pushing yourself.

I'm not getting enough of the animation and the cartoony action of the poses above. How would you like to loosen up your lines and shoulders with your first ever 30 minute class mode of figures in varying degrees of nudity? As a result, your forms will become the least stiffest and rigidest and the most cartooniest, and the most animated they'll ever be. For even most inspiration, check out this link to Discord. It's to Animation Resources Discord Server, they can help you on your education for a lifetime. Good night, and I hope this helps so much.

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