Gesture drawing practice 2/7/2022

by Anime Beginner Acct, February 7th 2022 © 2022 Anime Beginner Acct

Trying to adapt my gesture drawing style to something I believe will be more useful.

New method based on https://www.

this instructional video about gesture

Will try it for a week before I decide if it's helpful or not but this is my first attempt. All drawings were 1 minute except for the dancer pose


Great start! Try to be looser and make them flow more. The point of gestures is to capture the essence of a pose. That way you can build around it later.

1. In some of these sketches, it seems you are focusing too much on the outline/details of the body, rather than the movement and flow of the pose. Try to be loose and light with your lines. The scratchy lines do not read well-especially for a gesture. Loose, flowy lines help capture the basic pose. It is okay if things are a little misplaced because you can fix them later, if you decide to build on it.

Try pushing the line of action more as well. Exaggeration is your friend in gesture drawing because it helps capture the movement and flow.

Keep it up!

David M

I really like your drawings!

I use this web for the faces tool but I'm thinking in starting to with some gesture drawings. Where do I start?

Keep making so impressive drawings!



I agree with Gregory here. The poses and line of action don't seem cohesive. I think the main focus should be capturing the energy of the pose, and being dynamic.

Don't worry about being anatomically correct right now. The point of gesture drawing is to express what the pose is doing with the limited time you have. Don't be afraid to exaggerate

Polyvios Animations

Hello and good evening, Anime Beginner Acct. Great work on your quick attitude drawings of the human figures. Awesome range of movement and storytelling possibilities. You'd make a greatest animator and storyboard artist. Keep up the greatest stuff.

I've got one littlest suggestion: Some of the forms look a little bit too vague in terms of the forces, forms and details above there. Please go for your first 30 minute pose session. And while you're at it,

The reason why is because, it's very important to exaggerate your poses so that you'd be able to push your statement in terms of what you say and you mean. Good luck to you.

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