by Cartoonistahn, February 20th 2022 © 2022 Cartoonistahn

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 2 minutes in length.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

Polyvios Animations

Good morning, Cartoonistahn, I'm Polyvios, here again. How are you? I'm doing OK, how are you?? Greatest job on your speediest economy of your human poses in their anatomy, so far so great. Push yourself.

I've got one smallest, teensiest-weensiest suggestion I'd like to recommend. I love your quick sketches tremendously, but I'm not getting enough of their appeal. Can you please do that with 1 hour 30 minutes of 29 second poses, in various states of undress, with blind contours, all from your custom session here on our site? (5400 seconds/29 seconds=roughly 186 sketches) So that your lines of action movements will be benefited amazingly fast and lightest. Your feelings in your sketches will improve tremendously so.

Good luck to you and your march of progress. Have the greatest day ever.

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