25 min sketch

by Rashuneagle, March 8th 2022 © 2022 Rashuneagle
Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, Rashuneagle, it's me again, how are you? Greatest job on your sustained force sketching and drawing in this pose, as yooj.

Never stop learning, and never stop growing.

-Disney Legend, Floyd Norman.

But meanwhile, here's my tiniest, smallest and littlest bit of the most constructive criticism. I love your strongest lines of action, but they are not the strongest enough yet. Kindly free up your dominant and non-dominant (and cross-dominant) hands with 2 hours of 30 second quick sketches of the varied figures. (7200 seconds/30 seconds=240 scribbly nudes and non-nudes) The reason why you should do this thing is because, your muscle memory and myelin will build up from time to time, as it does to anything, as your organic sketching will become the most solid, fluider, and liveliest.

Here's some 4 additional videos to get you started.




Please now keep in mind that these vids are my own suggestions to you. Hope these will and shall help you do some of the greatest. Happy sketching.

Auraa Artss

the legs are a bit long. I always think if i "fold" my character in half, will their head touch to floor same as their feet. Silly yes, but the pelvis up should be the same length as the pelvis down.

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