Malicious laughter

by Cinnomin, April 5th 2022 © 2022 Cinnomin

Time Spent: 10 Minutes

A man simply up to no good! I'm very happy with this but struggled when it came to the head shape. How do I go about making proportionate heads consistently?

Polyvios Animations

Greatest work on your facial lines, spaces, and relationships! Those are the greatest balances of the drawing fundamentals of faces and expressions, and the greatest gesture sketching I ever did SEE! Keep on loosening up and lightening up your lines and gestures of expressions!!

Yet, I'm not gettin' enough of the lightest lines and strongest lines of rhythm in the faces and head shapes. Why don't you free up your grips with 30 minutes of 2 minute face sketches? (15 face sketches) As a result, your lines will become the least hardest edged and the most softest, lightest, and liveliest ever in a face or expression, or head drawing. And if you wanna see more drawing the heads inspiration, look this up by clicking here. This link can totally and completely help you.

Good luck, and I hope you've found these definitely and absolutely, helpful, encouraging, and engaging.


Thank you so much for the input! I'll definitely be trying that out!

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