Deep thought

by Cinnomin, April 5th 2022 © 2022 Cinnomin

Time Spent: 5-7 Minutes

I'm extremely happy with this one: the eyes, the eyebrows, the face shape, that hair! I'm not sure how to improve on this, so any and all critique is invited

Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your forces and weight of your overall face and facial expression. Way to go, and keep up your fantastical march of progress of improvement.

I'm not getting enough of the broader and clearest shapes of the gesture of that hairdo. Would you please improve your gestures and forms and details of the faces with 1 hour of gesture drawing faces? As a result, your overall gestures and actions of the facial attitudes. For more details, check out this link please.

Good luck and I hope you've found all of the greatest things the most helpful, benefical and encouraging.


Thank you for the input, Polyvios! I'll keep all of that in mind.


This showcases a great understanding of the forms of the face! It really feels as if the face is tilting forward to the right! Especially with the turning away of the eyebrow ridge, cheekbone and jaw portion! Maybe next you can focus on defining the shadows a bit more, adding more variation in the darkest part of the shadows!


AA don't hype me UP like that Marpanade, haha. Your compliment about the forms is extremely flattering and means a lot to me. Faces haven't been my strong suit, so I'm really happy to hear that. ^^ For the moment, I'll be primarily focusing on the forms, but for sure, shadow practice is in our future!


Great face structure, line a little messy


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, not the cleanest work. I'm sure clarity will come with more practice :]

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