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by Cinnomin, April 5th 2022 © 2022 Cinnomin

Time Spent: ~6-8 Minutes

Her upper body turned out pretty stiff and I don't have much confidence in that shoulder blade. Glad her hair turned out alright

Polyvios Animations

Good morning again, Cinnomin, and welcome back to LOA. How are you this fine day? Great work on your control of weight and mass on your nude figure pose. And your gesture looks and seems very well balanced in my eyes. Keep up on your practicing.

But I've got one small request, I love your gestures, but your gestures in your anatomy seems a bit too clunky and rigid in your attitude. Would you like to free up your proportons and angles (relationships) with a 10 minute warm-up pose? If your next goal is to make your human anatomy and relationships the less than stiff and rigid, and more than fluid and lively. And if you really want and need more inspiration, then check out this link on artist and illustrator, Willy Pogany. He's the more classic artist from the early 20th century who did this drawing lessons book, featured extensively on Animation Resources. If you totally need to get those free images, then you just bookmark, download, flip, rotate, turn grayscale, and then print out those images for further study and practice. Hope you'll find this good stuff completely educational and informative.


Again, thank you so much for the advice, Polyvios! You encourage me to continue working hard at improving my skills ^^. This is such a fantastic artist to reference! Thank you for introducing them to me :]

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