Holding on

by Cinnomin, April 8th 2022 © 2022 Cinnomin

Time Spent: 5-7 Minutes

Gotta admit I'm a bit embarrassed to show this one. Grasping 3D shapes has been... well, as you can see on the left, difficult for me. In the following days, I'll be taking moderndayjames's YT perspective class- and hopefully, I'll start gleaning some better results. Wish me luck!


I think that the back is too long and the legs are too short.


Very true, thanks for telling me ^^


Hey, i think you could fix up the leg proportions with the back. I could see how you could be going for a distance perspective on it, but it could be balanced out a little more.


Thank you for pointing that out, guys! I got tunnel vision when making this, and because of it, completely overlooked how out of wack the proportions were. Helps a lot!


This is rather impressive! But I think you could work on the limbs a bit. They seem a little short compared to the other parts of the body, you know? Keep it up, this looks great:]


Yeah, you as well as a few others have been kind enough to point this out to me! Thanks for the encouragement, makes me wanna really give my all. Wishing you a lovely day! ^^~


Overall i think this is a great study! Notice how on your left study of the limbs moving away in perspective do not neccisarily match to the study on the right, for example in the legs. Perhaps try cross contour on the right study next time to get a better understanding of how that form is moving away from the camera! The left arm on the right study showcases this pretty well, as the shoulder overlaps the bicep and forearm!


You're right, that would've been a great place to include some cross contour lines, thank you! I'll keep an eye out for prime spots like these in the future. ^^

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your gestures and expressions of lines of the limbs, like legs and arms in forshortening. Keep up.

I really feel that the forces and lines of the forms could use just a little bit more caricature and distortion. Why don't you please loosen up and liven up your arms with 1 hour, 1 minute of 29 second broad scribbles? (3660/29= roughly 126 scribble warm-ups) So that your forms will be drawn fast and really confident as you'd exactly want. Good night.


That sounds very interesting! I've seen artists do a few scribble assignments to loosen up, but I guess I never thought about trying it out myself. Hm! I'll definitely be doing some of this in the future. As always, thank you for the advice, Poly, and goodnight.


the upper body is done really well, the shoulders and back muscles stand out, paying more attention to the bottom may help though, the his seem to be a bit to narrow and undefined when compaired to the upper body


I took a lesson with moderndayjames and a penny dropped for me. He used to be quite fast, so don't be ashamed to rewatch parts again and again. Good luck! These are looking good.


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