yeah i'm on the ground! what of it, PUNK?

by Cinnomin, April 8th 2022 © 2022 Cinnomin

Time Spent: 4 Minutes

I'm just in love with how absolutely broken her right-most wrist is- I mean, look at the blasted thing! Haha. Imo, there's an inkling of weight here, like I believe she's pressing her weight down, and it's just so exciting to finally see that in my art.


Fantastic use of gesture! Maybe next focus on more clearly defining the linework, for example towards the back behind the left arm.

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Oh, so like making sure the details I'm emphasizing don't get lost? That's excellent advice! Thank you very much!

Polyvios Animations

Really fantastic use of force and gestures, Cinnomin, keep up the great work, and keep moving your hands.

Maybe next time, focus on mostly clearly defining the exaggeration of the CSI (Curves against straights) Would you like to loosen up your arms with 1 hour of 30 second scribbles of line warm-ups? For example, if you time yourself to draw straights and curves, then you'd make a really addictive game out of it. For more stuff, check out here please. Good luck and have a great night.


These hands are on the move, Poly! I haven't heard of the term CSI before, but it intrigues me. Thank you for all the nuggets of art wisdom thus far, they've been really encouraging. Wishing you a pleasant evening ^^

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