by Faerilee, April 15th 2022 © 2022 Faerilee

These look good, they have good proportions, they may be missing a connection between the top and bottom of the drawings, a route that guides the observer to directly see what is happening and that all the parts are working together. This is going to be one of the hardest parts to learn or achieve. You can attempt to practice this by reducing the gesture drawing to 3 (three) lines. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much! This is super encouraging and extremely helpful! I'll focus on that in next warmup.

Polyvios Animations

These sketches and drawn poses all look very, very, very great indeed. Great job on your gestures, forms, spaces, and relationships. Keep up the spectacular and fantastic jobs.

However, these forms all seem too stiff, and most of the forces, they all seem too stiff to me. Would you like to free up your forces, spaces and forms with a 5 minute warm-up? Because you could make your silhouettes and positive and negative spaces loose and expressive like you've never drawn before. It's perfectly normal of a pose to be not too slick, and all the more raw and emotional in cartooning and figure drawing. For more tips and inspiration, look into Fun With a Pencil, and Figure drawing for all its worth, by Andrew Loomis. Good luck, and I hope these things have been benefical, encouraging, and helpful.


Nice gesture!

One thing I find that helps when I'm learning on my own is to do the drawing exercise and then place it over the original to see what proportions I got wrong, so I can focus on them next time.

Let's keep working out those art muscles! \o/

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