by Faerilee, April 17th 2022 © 2022 Faerilee

Trying to focus on line of action rather than contour. Spent more time trying to make the pose more cohesive. Am I doing it right? Thank you for critiquing!

Caio Kurosaki

Muito bom, consigo entender bem o movimento

Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon/morning, faerilee, and welcome back, how do you do today? Greater job on your lines of action and forms. Keep going till the end.

Most of all the forms and forces seem not to gutsier enough to me, and there could and would be more than enough of the organicness in the drawings of shapes and forms. Would you please kindly free up elbows, shoulders, and arms with 20 minutes of 2 minute pose drawings?? As a result, your poses will become the least geometrical, in the more stiffer way, but all the more organic, and the cartoonier but human way. So, for more details to find out the organic gesture sketching, please check out Action! by Caldwell, Vol. 2 of Stanchfield, and but that's not all, the Bridgman book on Drawing from Life. Good luck to you, and your marches of practice and progress.


Looks very good. You were able to capture the whole framework of the body in just 1 minute which is very difficult. The line of action is very apparent in your


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