Figure drawing class

by Kef, May 14th 2022 © 2022 Kef

Besides the face of the top right figure (was rushing it a bit), any obvious things I could improve on?


Great work! Just remember the body is a fluid struture and has a lot of curves. For example, on the person in the top right, look at their shoulders and elbows, they can be drawn in a more round and connected way.

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Jean Norwood (unregistered visitor)

For me,I think the shapes of those muscles seem a little bit rigid.You can see that our body are soft and mostly use some soft curves to draw them.

There maybe more different fluctuate cause by those muscles on body,like the thighs,can't be portray by a straight line.

About that hand,I think may be try to mark the joint on it.Take a look at your fingers,they are made by three parts but not one cylinder.

Hope I can help you some way.

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Really love the adventurous poses you've chosen, really cool looking!

One thing I'd noticed is your line quality. Try being more bold, because using many small/scratchy lines to create one large stroke can premote indecisiveness in your work, and mess with the form a bit.

Hope this was helpful!!


ahh the arms look a bit fat, the shaping of the body parts can be done better but you've done a great job in depicting what action is being done. Also the right hand shouldve been shorter since it's covered a bit