Sketch I did. Practicing using the skeletal gesture more

by Rashuneagle, May 24th 2022 © 2022 Rashuneagle

Did a 10 min drawing session. I definitely went over but I wanted to practice using skeletal gesture into mannequin then doing a more intuitive approach after that


It's great that you are trying a different aproach since it'll help you loosing up. If u want to see more improvement you could try working on ur line quality, doing conitinous and fluid lines can help u sketch faster also. great work :)

The Cheese Police

I agree with the other commenter! Using short lines makes it look fuzzy and stiff. Try using longer lines and use your arm to capture flow instead of the wrist

Microwaved Tom

line of action! line of action ---




Good work! I appreciate the foreshortening you achieved on the left arm, that reads excellently. It's looking good overall, I'd recommend to try and push your exaggeration of the pose a bit more for a more dynamic feel. Remember, the human body is a balancing act with each major part acting as a counterbalance to one another.

I appreciate your desire to alter your approach as well to try and identify other aspects that can help you learn, I'm sure that will be vital to you in the long run! Keep up the good work!

The ASArtist

I think this is a fantastic simple sketch. I love the proportions of the body. On first glance it looks like her arms are a bit small, however even if they are, I think it really works for this drawing.

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