10 min sketch

by Rashuneagle, May 25th 2022 © 2022 Rashuneagle

Sketch I did to continue working on skeletal gesture as base


Your pose has great flow to it and the base of the sketch was clearly done well. I would work on adding muscle and fat to your figures, oppose to drawing a body over a skeleton sketch, I would do some figure drawings starting at the full body and then once I feel I have a good understanding I would try drawing the body over the skeleton again. You should also keep up the good work on studying skeletons because that will always help you! Doing Great! and I espeically like the the stomach and hips you've done on this one!


I see you put effort in details of the muscle shapes, and I feel that it would look better if the overall thickness is even! Some light guildence before going to details would help in this situation.

Another tip for you is to let go of the habit of erasing lines. Because of time limit, it cause major time consumption when it comes to draw and erase on one specific line. Even if the line is not the right the first time, try using shading technique or redefine them afterward. It is a 10 minutes drawing so I am pretty sure you have time for that.

You are doing great! Keep practicing!


This drawing is very dynamic and flows very well. One thing I would like to draw your attention too(hehehe see what i did there?) though is the torso. The distane from the hips to the shoulders is a little long. I would suggest to bring the shoulders down along with the head. Keep up the good work!


You may be able to improve by working on the proportions of the arms and the head / neck area. Perhaps also the positioning of the pelvis and hips at an opposite angle to the shoulders might help you achieve a more balanced pose.




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