daily sketch 6.17

by PCJelly, June 17th 2022 © 2022 PCJelly
Jubilate Deo

Oh goodness you're a lot better than me. Enough so that it's hard for me to see errors. Lemme see...oh! The figure to the left of the drawing (the smaller, quicker one) is bigger on top than on the bottom - like the head and chest are one size, and the abdomen and legs another. Great job though! I hope to get as good as you! :)


oooh you're right!Thank you for your kind advice

Now we all have something to improve!Let's make progress together

Kim - Site admin

I very much like these. What goals do you have for your art, so we can know how to better help you reach those goals? :)


I hope to further improve my mastery of shape and dynamics in the process of drawing【I am not sure if I can convey my meaning accurately】


Overall, motion and shading are excellent.

On the left, I agree with the other critique that the proportions are off.

But also, on the middle guy, the foot's proportions are way, way off! I realise one foot is closer, based on the proportions of the calves and ankles, one is nearly twice the size of the other.

On the right, the woman's lower leg seems rushed ... I'm guessing you were timed and running short.

I think I'm adopting colored ink for my future sketches.


Hi. Good work. It looks like correct proportions and pretty good fluency.

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