daily sketch 6.17

by PCJelly, June 17th 2022 © 2022 PCJelly

I am very like you style that use simple lines to represent the characters.but some body shape are too simple or it's not accurate enough.Like the man in the middle.The orientation of the legs and feet is a little strange.Maybe you could take a closer look at this part of the man.I hope it helps.­čść


Thank U for the suggestions´╝üI'll pay attention next time


Most of them are in the details. Alot of things like legs(on the middle one) and hair(on the right one) can be fixed. But I think this is not finished art so they don't matter much. Good job on the sketch


Overall, I really like this. You've got good proportions and your general idea about directionality is way better than my own. There are small issues with depth and shading that create perceptive issues, which combined might add 3-15 seconds to each image. I openly admit you're more skilled than I am, and so it feels a little arrogant to critique this. But, here it is:

Woman on the left has good form and proportions. The shading's light, but adequate. On the rear arm, though, a hint about the inner crease of the elbow would help give it a feeling of depth. The rest of that is well done!

Orientation is a little confusing on the guy in the middle. The forward knee has a weird angle that suggests the back of the knee, rather than the front, and the lack of such a suggestion on the rear compounds that. I think just a quick line on that rear leg would change the whole impression dramatically. The shading's pretty good for the front of the thigh, but the overall impression is reversed from what I think you intended from the original.

The hair on the right one should also be hatched all the way, as you did with the back portion. Hint at the hairline, which was just barely forward of the scarf. It shouldn't take more than about 15 additional seconds. In a timed draw (if that's what you did) then yes: that's a lot! But that's my critique of her., and I hope it helps.

Overall, it's better than my stuff, but I'm an absolute beginner and have all of about 3 months of practice under my belt. The critiques I offer aren't intended to be negative, so please let me know if I can improve on my end.


Thank you for taking the time to give me suggestions´╝îthis means a lot´╝ü

Each of these sketches takes about 5-15 minutes-I'm still trying to adjust the speed and level of detail.

Denis Adinan

Ótimo trabalho, me agrada muito esse estilo de desenho. Um dica que pode ajudar é praticar linhas mais curvas para fugir do geometrismo.

Jubilate Deo

I love these! It took me awhile to figure out a critique, but I finally did. The figure in the middle's legs need some work. They look a bit too short, and broken (like they bend in places they oughtn't). My guess is that you ran out of room at the bottom of the paper, and so the calves are too short, which makes the knee placement look wrong.


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