Practice Sketch 4

by Neurofarm, June 19th 2022 © 2022 Neurofarm

I didn't save 1-3 (they were just the lines of motion exercises) but this was the first long one in the first tutorial. I have to say, this is literally the best I've ever done at this! The overall gist of "person in a rope swing, probably female" is there.

This image took me about 4 minutes to sketch out, which feels both rushed and not fast enough at the same time. I feel like I should be getting to a full shape sketch within 5 minutes, but logically that's rushing at my beginner level.

Denis Adinan

Um belo trabalho, usando as linhas de proporção ganhou força sua obra. Um dica que poderia ajudar é tentar entender onde coloca luz e onde coloca sombra. Ressalto que estruturalmente é um desenho ótimo.


Obrigado! Eu não pretendia colocar luz ou sombra no desenho. Mas vou trabalhar para isso! Para este tipo de esboço de gesto, você tem algum conselho para planejar isso?

Jubilate Deo

Hey this is awesome! I agree, you really managed to capture the overall pose. It looks like you maybe ran out of time on the arms, or possibly just chose to spend less time on them. Either way, they're both less shapely and less dynamic than the rest of the pose. But my real critique is, don't worry about your speed! As they say in music, if you can play it slow, you can play it fast. The goal of keeping it short is just to get you used to sketching loosely in the first place, and to encourage you to practice the foundations of many drawings rather than get stuck creating one masterpiece when the fundamentals aren't there yet. So, no! You shouldn't be at a full shape sketch in five minutes, necessarily! Just don't get stuck perfecting one thing!


Yes, I ran out of time for the arms (they were the last 20 seconds or so when I noticed the clock), but the proportion is still there! I've had a big issue with that on my other sketches, and I'm starting to get a "feel" for it after just a few days. But this was the closest I've been for the week!

Now, if I could just capture proportion in another pose, lol.

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