Practice 7 - Nude Model in Wind

by Neurofarm, June 24th 2022 © 2022 Neurofarm

Received this in class mode, and felt completely obstructed by it. So, I placed it on pause and walked away.

Returning more than 12 hours later, I did a 3-minute gesture sketch (in red) and then went over it with ink in 30 minutes. I then duplicated the inked layer so that both the finished piece and the construction could be seen. It felt rushed, for sure. I'm not quick yet.

But this is the first time I went for shading on a sketch, too. I also think I got the figure's proportions really well, which is frankly amazing to me.

The hands and face need work, but I haven't really found instruction that works for me on those yet (Moore, Loomis, and several YouTubers all have great results, but nothing I've been able to actually grasp yet). Still looking for a way to flow the face with the body, and I haven't found that yet. The hands, I've figured out, but just need a lot more practice.

Like the rest of this.

Though I didn't request a critique on this, I'm not opposed to anyone offering one. It's just that as a practice piece, I'm saving it to contrast my later work. I wish I could save images from the school rotation!

Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon neuroform and welcome back to line of action. I think your gesture is going pretty great and your slow and careful lines in an ink sketch looks perfectly decent and normal to me and I suggest you keep those drawings up please and please work up on your speed for your rough sketches please. You're doing fine.

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