"Tattoed Girl" Old portrait (2012) - Modèle venant de Rise Tattoo mag

by Kheir, June 25th 2022 © 2022 Kheir

The last one before I stopped drawing for a while...

Pam The Creator

hi Khier, its not tha bad. Just add some fluidity to the face next time when you put your pencil on the paper" I'm sure you know what i mean.Make it more alive!

btw cool tatoo and well done for the eyes.

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Hi ! fluency ... that's a point I should work on for sure ! Thanks a lot for stopping by



1. Love seeing your style through this piece-- very fun!

2. Good proportions

3. Thoughtful details

Possible improve,ents

1. Maybe re-evaluate the lips. The bottom lip being shaded and the top lip not being shaded creates a very specific look, which might be intentional which is totally valid. Just wanted you to be sure of the choice :)

2.I like the attention to some of the line weight(like at the bottom of the face/neck attachment) however, it might be helpful to include differing line weights on the upper section of the head/eyes/nose.

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Hi , Thanks for your detailed feedback ! Have a nice day

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